The CommonGround Collective

"The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion." -- Thomas Paine


We are starting an experiment in collective land use that will give people the freedom to pursue their own dreams and livelihoods. 

We use membership fees to buy plots of land (also called Twigs), that serve as communal areas for hikers, campers, athletes, travelers, small farmers, craftspeople, inventors, artists, and scientists. By engaging in Symbiotic Conservation whereby human activities are integrated as a sustainable part of the larger ecosystem, we simultaneously protect the land and enable people everywhere to live happier, freer lives.

Right now, we're preparing to launch our crowdfunding campaign to make CommonGround a reality. Join our email list to stay in the loop!

Nomad News!
 We bought our first twig--  a 40 acre patch of Nevada scrublands outside of Lovelock. While we hope to include more fertile land soon, we're excited to have this space to experiment and to try out innovate methods of re-greening and dry farming.

Planning for the Future

The staff here at CommonGround are excited to be exploring ways in which we can work with groups that share our vision and ideals. Among the partnerships we are considering are those with:

  • Tiny House Communities
  • Meditation Groups
  • Hacker Spaces
  • Sustainable Education Initiatives