The CommonGround Collective

"The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion." -- Thomas Paine

How do you regulate how many people are on a given plot at any one time?
We don't regulate or limit our members' movements. We have a calendar for each Twig where we ask members to post when they're planning on being there so that other people can plan accordingly, but we don't put any limits on people's movements and ask everyone to be nice and make space when new people show up.

Can I bring my friends who aren't members?
Yep! While we'd prefer they be members, we know that sometimes you want to invite other people to go camping or do cool things with you, and we think that is a good and worthwhile thing to do! Just make sure your guests are being respectful and following CommonGround etiquette. IF they'd like to make a donation more in line with their use of the land, that too is greatly appreciated!

Are pets allowed?
Absolutely! However, we do prioritize the safety and comfort of all members and neighbors, so we ask pet owners to proactively check-in with nearby people and groups if your dog is roaming free and to promptly leash your dog if asked to. We also ask that pet owners clean up after their pets in the general spirit of being responsible and respectful. 
Can I live on CommonGround/ grow food there?
Sometimes... Each Twig will have rules posted on its homepage about long-term stays and agricultural production. We have to comply with local zoning laws, and we also want to make sure that Twigs are always accessible to all members.  That said, we want to enable our members with as much freedom as possible, including the freedom to build homes and grow food. Check the home page for any given Twig in order to find out the regulations and amenities for that location. 

Are there bathrooms on the Twigs?
Yep! Every twig has bathrooms, most of which are our super-cool composting toilets. Exact amenities will be listed under each Twigs' home page.

How about running water or electricity?
We have running water at about 50% of our sites and electricity at very few. Each Twig will have amenities listed on its home page.

What happens if the Collective fails? Will I get a refund?
This is an experiment, and it might fail. If it does, we'll sell the land and do our best to give back as much of the money as we can after paying our dues. We may not be able to give a full refund, but we'll do our best. 

What do you to do make this equitable in areas with a history of colonization?
Good question! Our current approach is to talk to neighboring communities before we buy land and make sure we're being good neighbors after we buy it. That means making sure that Twigs do not impede community activities, water ways, or livestock areas, and making sure that our activities are not too loud or bothersome to our neighbors. When at all possible, we try to collaborate with local communities to host events (and of course neighbors are always invited to our parties!) Inclusion and equity are things we can always do better at, and we'd love to hear your ideas here.